Your workplace has the answer.
Ask Dala to find it.
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Unlock collective wisdom.

Stop managing knowledge. Start using it.

Plug into your team’s shared brainpower. Ask Dala to instantly find anything or anyone from any workplace system. Focus on doing your best work with context, conviction and clarity.

Make decisions with confidence

Dala’s bleeding-edge AI search tool automates extracting knowledge from across your organisation so that you can take the guesswork out of your work.

This is your workplace today. Countless fragments of critical knowledge scattered across hundreds of disparate systems.

30% of your time is spent trying to organise and find the information and expertise you need to do your job.

The impossible battle to make sense of this chaos leaves your team feeling overwhelmed and unproductive.

They’re confronted with the anxiety of bothering a busy coworker again, or aimlessly trying to connect the dots with incomplete context.

Existing solutions are cumbersome and quickly become outdated. Yet another decaying system that requires continuous maintenance.

They fail to understand what you need from the vast amounts of information that your team creates every day.

Spark lightbulb moments

Dala is your intelligent, real-time source of truth that eliminates the cultural, financial and operational struggles of splintered tools.

We connect your systems behind the scenes and pull together exactly the knowledge you require into an elegant contextual view.

Just ask Dala for the answer that advances your work, and helps you make better decisions with more confidence.

Build a better world of work

Our mission is to make work more coherent and delightful—reframing productivity from doing more to being better.

Your happiest and most purposeful moments at work are when you’re in flow, intellectually stimulated, and creating value for customers.

We want to recreate that every time you experience Dala. A tool that is completely integrated with how you think, feel and work.

Our team

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Build with us.

We are actively hiring intentional, empathetic and curious people who thrive on creating delightful experiences. If you'd like to be a part of the journey, email careers@dala.ai with your CV or portfolio, and a thoughtful note.

Read more about our values here.

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Our investors

We are supported by some of the world's most pioneering operators and progressive funds to fuel our growth.